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Rutlish 1957 - the 50 Year Reunion
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Ian G Newton

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Ian and Christine Newton
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Ian Newton
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Notes by Ian Newton

I have few good memories of Rutlish other than the boys who were there at the time. I feel let down by the school because I cannot remember ever being shown how to approach work so as to pass GCE exams. As a result I failed but still spent wasted years in sixth form and beyond at school.

I mixed with a "bad" bunch in Removes and Fifth forms. Although I was definitely not a Wimbledonian (I was Kingstonian), I enjoyed the company, both at school and afterwards, like Wrestling at Wimbledon Palais every week, with the likes of Dave Ealey, Lynn Allen, Keith Ashfield, and of course Trevor Musk, together with a non Rutlish lad called Ken Frost.

I have such good memories of my fellow pupils. Too many to relate here. Too many boys and too many times.

I suppose I only turned towards Rutlish in my second year sixth form. Up until then I had played football, at reasonable level, rather than school rugby. But when I did "convert" to rugby then my ball skills and leadership skills became recognised.

On the rugby front, my leadership skills were quickly picked upon by the Old Ruts, skills learned from pub darts team (captain) and football dealing with men from age 18 to 68 years. The Old Ruts made me captain of Beagles, Lynx and then Extra A. Good times with great men and with great players too.

So I left school with no A levels. I chose to attempt Chartered Accountancy and managed to qualify. Served Articles with Mann Judd & Co in the City (now Deloittes) and qualified in November 1970. I am an FCA (Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) and there are not too many of them.

I left the profession as soon as I qualified to enter industry and joined Esso Petroleum in Victoria Street. After three years I moved to British Steel in Grosvenor Place where my office overlooked Buck House gardens. Was moved by them to South Wales in 1976 for the usual three year assignment. Thirteen years later, after managing the finance functions of Strip Mills with turnover of 1,400 million, I moved to join Samac Group back in London in 1988 to be Group Finance Director. We had 51 subsidiaries and had doubled turnover to 120m by the time I moved them to Manchester and made myself redundant. Joined Toshiba International (Europe) Ltd as Finance Director in 1992 and left them in 1995 having completed three year contract. Many overseas visits to Japan and Middle East as we build electric sub stations and dealt with all purchases from Europe zone.

Decided at this time to become freelance and formed my own company called Powerstrand Limited. Soon found that had work for eight day week and attempted to rationalise in late 1996 by limiting half my work to Tarmac subsidiary involved in construction management of projects such as Tate Modern, Royal Opera House, Royal Court Theatre, etc. Left them in 2002 when I had a heart (double) bypass operation. Slowed down by joining a Jarvis operation in early 2003 on a four day basis. Have followed this through a management buyout of the section involved with University Student Accommodation development projects and management of same. Have slipped back to five day working, need to behave again. Currently working in Holborn with them, trying to close major deals. As an academic failure, I have never applied for a job in my career, I have always been head hunted.

Married Christine, who will be known to (and hopefully remembered by) many of you guys from our school days (Leather Bottle and party days) and we had one son, who has got four degrees (Exeter, Durham, Oxford and Durham) and yet remains unemployable. Quite a lesson to learn. Christine and I have been (going out) together for 44 years now.

When we returned to London in 1988 it was to Lower Morden and then we moved in January 1990 to Cheam where we still live today.

I have served on the Audit Committee of the University of Westminster for the past eleven years and have been Chair of that committee and a governor of the University for the past eight years. I am shortly to enter my last year of service with them.

My heart was fixed, so I am better and ready to enjoy twenty years worth of good health. I have no doubt that I will continue to work until 65. But I have an increasing desire to try to keep the green stuff in control at home. I love my home and will enjoy being there too.

I have just re-found the Old Boys after a gap of 35 odd years and think that with the help of a few of the other old codgers I shall be wandering down for a pint of Youngs a couple of times a year.

Click here for My Life and Times which is a longer version of the notes above.

Ian Newton
1 August 2007

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