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Rutlish 1957 - the 50 Year Reunion
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Reunion Photos: 1 September 2007

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Lots of photos of the 2007 Reunion held on 1 September 2007 are accessible via this page. They are in themed sections as follows:

plus the mugshots taken as each person arrived. These are on the page for each person (access them via the People Gallery).

The photos have generally been presented in chronological sequence of the day. After arrival - greeted first by the welcome banner which was provided by John Morgans - we all congregated in the bar for a nerve settling pint and initial contact with long forgotten faces as others arrived. This is when many of the Bar photos were taken.

Then, at 1 o’clock, the call was made to progress outside in preparation for the group photos. The “ruck” which formed gave us the next section of photos - the Group photos which were taken with a lot of difficulty. The ladies behaved perfectly, only some of the boys caused problems. Would Cherry, Tozer and Grove please keep still and face the front. Immediately following this, many of the Outside photos were taken.

On the way back in for lunch everyone paused to admire the amazing large version of the 1957 school photo which was produced by Derrick Pope. We then had a wonderful lunch in the upstairs hall during which the Lunch photos were taken from which the Lunch panorama photo was stitched together. After which, many returned to the outside field in the warmth of the evening sun, as the cricket match ended and the sun went down and some more of the Outside and Bar photos were taken.

If anybody can find a glum face, then please report it to – webmaster. Has anybody ever seen such happiness and enthusiasm on the faces of 61 year olds before? Even the ladies had a “good” time. Have a good look at the Individual photos.

The pictures of the Reunion on 1st September have come from several sources. The majority of them have been submitted by the volunteer "photographers" of the day - Alan Brown and Chris O'Hanlon. Also very active on the day was Rick Felix. Derrick Pope and Nigel Close supplied large quantities from both the Real Tennis on the Friday and the Reunion on the Saturday. Ian Newton had arranged for the "official" mugshots taken at reception as well as many from the Real Tennis day. Thanks go to the other generous souls who have sent in their contributions, Brian Horseman, John Fowler, Doug Cole, Tony Lodge, Mike Bishop, Peter Clarke (1954 joining year) and Steve Simpson (1958 joining year).

The picture sections of the website contain images of smallish size and medium quality. This enables the website to operate at reasonable speeds and contain a large number of images. The originals may be of much higher resolution, so if anybody has a particular desire for any of the photos, then it may be possible for them to receive a copy. Ian Newton has "volunteered" to carry out this task (slowly) and can be contacted at the address shown at the bottom of his page.

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