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Rutlish 1957 - the 50 Year Reunion
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School Houses

All pupils were assigned to one of the eight school houses, Argonauts, Crusaders, Kelts, Parthians, Romans, Spartans, Trojans and Vikings.

Click to see a House list for the 1957 Joining Year or for a colour coded House and Form list prepared by Ian Newton.

These were distinguished by house colours which were worn on each pupil's jacket (except apparently by Peter Walpole who, in his memories, claims to have avoided ever wearing any). There was also a house badge for each house.

The system for displaying house colours and for denoting your position in the school hierarchy was very elaborate:

  • In second and third forms, classed as the Junior School, house braid was worn on the top breast pocket of the school blazer. The blazer had four buttons.
  • On advancing to the senior school (which began with the fourth form), the house braid was added to the side pockets on the blazers and the number of "school" buttons was increased to six. The tie was also changed at this stage.
  • If you became a sub-prefect, then the house badge was added to the breast pocket and further house braid was placed on the sleeves towards the cuff.
  • If you were awarded "colours" for a particular sport, then your house badge was replaced by the school badge on the breast pocket.
  • If you were one of the elite eight, nine or ten, and became a prefect, then you had the honour of wearing a mortar board (see Prefect photo for 1963-64)

House Photos

A week before the end of the Spring Term in 1959 we were photographed in our houses. Click on the list below to see these house photos:

Note: We managed to find all these photos during 2007 except for the Crusader House photo which was only found in 2010.

Cock House

Each year there was a house competition with points awarded for individual work and sporting team performance in inter-house matches which determined which house was the "Cock House" for the year. In the first term of the new academic year, the Cock House had a special dinner to celebrate their "triumph". This consisted of a meal followed by an "entertainment" with speeches, lots of jokes, sketches and various turns performed by anyone who was willing to make a fool of themselves or show off their talents.

The Winners and Runners-Up in the Cock House competition year by year during our time at Rutlish are given in the table below which was compiled by Ian Newton:


Cock HouseCock HouseRunners UpRunners UpCock HouseCock House

Runners UpCock HouseCock HouseRunners UpCock HouseRunners Up

Cock House


Runners Up

Runners Up


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