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Rutlish 1958 - the 50 Year Reunion
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1958 Joining Year

The 129 people listed below were identified as having spent some time with the 1958 joining year. Most of them entered in 1958, but some arrived a few years later. Some left after only a few years in the school. The names can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet

No. Forenames Surname Form House Comment
1 Peter J Arnold 2A KELTS
2 Chris R Attaway 2B ARGONAUTS
3 Peter Attewell 2C CRUSADERS
5 David I Beaumont 2A ROMANS
6 Alan L Beck 2D CRUSADERS
7 Bill Beckett 4C ROMANS JOINED 1960
8 Steve S Bennett 2B VIKINGS
9 Mick K Bird 2C SPARTANS
10 Geoff D Blythe 2D SPARTANS
11 Tony J Bowyer 2A ROMANS
12 Mike D Bridge 2B TROJANS
13 Ray W Brown 2C PARTHIANS DECEASED - mid 2002
14 Stu A Bryant 2D KELTS DECEASED - 1993
15 Bill H Bryant TL KELTS JOINED 1963
16 Chris J Budd 2A CRUSADERS
18 Baz Chandler 2C ARGONAUTS
19 Mike S Clark 2A CRUSADERS
20 R J Clark 2B SPARTANS
21 Ivan S Clarke 2D KELTS
22 Geoff J Clegg 2C PARTHIANS
23 Bob F Clifford RC KELTS JOINED 1961
24 Dave E Clift 2D ROMANS
25 Dave M Crisp 2D ARGONAUTS
26 Dave A J Curtis 2A SPARTANS
27 W D Davies 4A ROMANS JOINED 1960
28 G G Davis 2B KELTS
29 Len A Davis 2C SPARTANS
31 John A J Dodd 3D ARGONAUTS JOINED 1959
32 Peter J Dunckley 2A KELTS
33 A L Edwards 2B CRUSADERS LEFT 1961
34 Tim J Edwards 2C VIKINGS
35 Peter J Elliott 2D ARGONAUTS
36 John S Fitch 2A ARGONAUTS
37 W F Foster 2B CRUSADERS
38 John Fowler 2C KELTS
40 Rupert W Gamlen 2A ROMANS
41 W A R Gardiner RA TROJANS JOINED 1961
42 John E Gaskin 2D KELTS
43 Gordon S J Germain 2B SPARTANS
44 Dave Gleed TL TROJANS JOINED 1963
45 David N Golder 2C TROJANS
46 John R Gout 2D PARTHIANS
47 Peter Gray 2D ARGONAUTS
48 Peter J Harris 2A VIKINGS
49 George H T Hart 2B TROJANS LEFT 1960
50 Pete L Harvey 2C VIKINGS
51 John Higgins 2D VIKINGS
52 Dave P Holliman 2A TROJANS
53 Dan J Horan 2B SPARTANS LEFT 1961
54 Roger D Hoyle 2C ROMANS
55 S N Huckin 2D PARTHIANS
56 J C Hughes 2A CRUSADERS
57 Michael B Hunt 2D ARGONAUTS
58 R G Hutchens 2B ARGONAUTS
59 Mike D Jarvis 2C ARGONAUTS
60 J Phil Jenkins 2D CRUSADERS
61 D A Johnston 4C PARTHIANS JOINED 1960
62 A E Johnston 4C PARTHIANS JOINED 1960
63 Rob A Jordan 2A KELTS
64 J Kibble 2B PARTHIANS LEFT 1960
65 Richard W Kirkin 2C SPARTANS
66 Jonathan Kremer 2D ROMANS LEFT 1960
67 Keith C Larkin 2A TROJANS
68 Barry A MacGregor 2C TROJANS DECEASED
69 Duncan MacLean 2D SPARTANS
70 Will J F Malings 2A ROMANS
71 Brian S McCarthy 2B VIKINGS DECEASED - May 1965
72 Roger J Miller 2B KELTS
73 Chris J Mills 2C CRUSADERS
74 Colin A Moore 2D PARTHIANS
75 Richard J Morgan 2A ARGONAUTS
76 Bruce K Morley 2B VIKINGS
77 J Morrison 2C ARGONAUTS
78 Keith A Mullard 2D CRUSADERS
79 Peter T Mumford 2D VIKINGS
80 Derek Murphy 2A KELTS
81 Phil Murrell 2B PARTHIANS
82 A Neale 2C TROJANS
83 Roger D Newman 2D ROMANS
84 Dennis E Nicklin 2A SPARTANS
85 Martin J Noquet 2C VIKINGS
86 Terry J Norris 2B TROJANS
87 Paul I O'Flynn 4C SPARTANS JOINED 1960
88 Robert E Overy 2D VIKINGS DECEASED 2002
89 Phil C Passenger 2A VIKINGS
92 David J Percival 2D TROJANS
93 Mike J R Perry 2A KELTS
94 Charles T Pollard 2B CRUSADERS
95 Dave J Porter 2C ARGONAUTS
96 Ron J Potterill 2D ARGONAUTS DECEASED - end 2005
97 Roger J Prowse 2A CRUSADERS
98 ?Alan C Rawlings 2B KELTS
99 Chris J Reynolds 2C PARTHIANS
100 Dave S Reynolds 2C PARTHIANS
101 Mike J Richardson 2C ROMANS
102 Mike J Sainsbury 2A SPARTANS
103 Mike P Salkeld 3D SPARTANS JOINED 1959
104 Paul Sexton 2B KELTS
105 David J Sherborne 2B TROJANS
106 Steve J Simpson 2A ROMANS
107 J Skegg 2A PARTHIANS
108 A J E Smith 2B CRUSADERS
109 J G Smith 2C ARGONAUTS
110 P A Stokes 2A VIKINGS
111 Malcolm B Swatridge 2B VIKINGS
112 ?Robert E R Taylor 2A CRUSADERS
113 Dave F Taylor 2C ARGONAUTS
114 John W Thwaites 2B KELTS DECEASED
115 Dave R Tregilgas 2C PARTHIANS
116 Alan J Tremelling 2A ROMANS
117 Dave G Twilley 2B SPARTANS
118 Dick G J Walker 2C TROJANS DECEASED - April 2011
119 Robert H Walpole 2A SPARTANS
120 Peter V Wardill 2B PARTHIANS
121 Pat D Ware 2C TROJANS
122 Cameron R Welch 2C KELTS
123 Bob Weller 2A VIKINGS
124 Ken L Whistance 2B TROJANS
125 Nick P White 2D KELTS
126 Andy Whittingham 2C ROMANS TRANSFERRED 1957 YEAR
127 Mike Whittington 2A PARTHIANS
128 Richard W M Williams 2B ROMANS
129 Peter J Wilmer 2C CRUSADERS

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