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Rutlish 1960 - the 50 Year Reunion
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1960 Joining Year

129 people have been identified (by 23 September 2010) as having spent some time with the 1960 joining year. Most of them entered in 1960, but some arrived a few years later. Some left after only a few years in the school. The names are listed below and can also be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

If you can help complete this list (or with contacting any of the people listed) please contact Ian Lambert.

Contacted Surname Forename House
Contacted attending AMSDON Jeremy V.W. Crusader 2D
Deceased 2010 AUSTIN John (Noj) Vincent Trojan 2A
Contacted abroad on day BALL John R.M. Crusader 2B
Contacted attending BEARD Stephen Frank Argonaut 2C
Contacted attending BENNETT Keith William Parthian 2D
Contacted probably not attending BLACKTOP Jonathan Trojan 2A
BLAKE John G. 'Jock' Parthian 2B
Contacted via F.B. BLANDFORD David John Crusader 2C
Mobile texted BOULTON Les Thomas Trojan 2B
Contacted attending BOND Peter Sidney Argonaut 2D
Contacted BONNETT Andy Spenser Spartan 2A
Contacted BOOL David.M.
Contacted attending CAPEL-DAVIES R.C.D. 'Dick' Gerrard Viking 2C
Contacted, Not Attending CHANDLER Vic George Trojan 2D
Contacted attending CHARLWOOD Robert James Kelt 2A
Contacted attending COLE Mike Robert Parthian 2C
Contacted attending COLE Peter William Parthian 2D
Contacted attending COLE Martin Spartan 2B
Contacted COPE Chris E. Viking 2A
Contacted, Not Attending CROCKFORD Michael Lawrence Roman 2B
Contacted, Not attending CROZIER R.R.C. 'Bob' Spartan 2C
Contacted, Not attending COURTIS Neil Argonaut 2D
Contacted attending DENYER Clive V. Crusader 2A
Contacted DOERR Roger Nicholas Crusader 2B
Contacted attending DONGWORTH Geoff Clive Spartan 2C
Facebook via sister DREW Anthony C. Spartan 2D
Brother e-mailed DUKE Stephen Graham Crusader 2A
written to DUNTON David R.R. Roman 2B
e-mailed EBBENS R.K.E. Parthian 2C
Contacted attending EMERSON Brian Spartan 2D
Contacted attending EMERSON David Spartan 2A
Contacted, Not attending EMERSON Roger Spartan 2B
Attending FLORENCE Nigel J. Argonaut 2C
Contacted phone FLUTTER Peter  G. Roman 2D
Contacted FRANCIS Simon R. Viking 2A
Contacted, Not attending FRAY Christopher R. Viking 2B
Attending GIDDINS Barry P. Viking 2C
Contacted GIMBLETT Chris Crusader 2D
Contacted GOLDSMITH Malcolm R. Viking 2A
e-mail GOOD Geoffrey James Viking 2B
Written to(via F. R.) HALL Clive R.H.. Roman 2C
Contacted attending HARRISON Roger Anthony Parthian 2D
Contacted via brother HARRINGTON Jon Martin Parthian 2D
Contacted HASWELL Rod G. Kelt 2A
NOT ATTENDING HEWISH Paul Anthony Fernando Kelt 2B
Contacted HICKMOTT David J. Crusader 2C
Contacted attending HODGSON Rick F. Kelt 2D
Contacted via daughter HONEYSETT Nigel D.C. Roman 2A
Contacted brother in usa JAFRI Salman 'Bubs' Crusader 5C
Contacted attending JAY John R. Parthian 2B
Contacted, Not attending JEFFRIES Jim L. Kelt 2C
Via Friends Reunited KENDALL Alan S. Crusader 2D
contacted KIDD Alex Leislman Roman 2A
Contacted attending LACEY Stephen Trojan 2B
Attending LAMBERT Ian M.D. Parthian 2C
Contacted, Not Attending LANDSBERG Peter Jon Nick Trojan 2D
Contacted attending LANE-JONES Marcus P. Argonaut 2A
Contacted LEMANSKI Lucien Romuald Trojan 2B
Contacted unlikely MAGGS Ian Gordon Argonaut 2C
Contacted, Not attending MAYNARD Robert John 'Millie' Spartan 2D
Contacted, Not attending MILLER Ronald Parthian 2A
Contacted attending MILNE Brian Viking 2B
Contacted MOORE Jonathan W. Viking 2C
Contacted, Not attending MOUNTCASTLE D.Graham Roman 2D
Contacted, Not attending MOUNTNEY Richard Argonaut 2A
E-mail MURPHY Alan G. Kelt 2B
Written to NORGATE Martin 'Nogs' Roman 2C
Contacted attending NORRIS Chris E. Viking 2D
Contacted attending PALFREY Stephen M. 'Picker' Spartan 2A
Contacted, Not attending PALMER Clive Viking 2B
Contacted, Not attending PALMER Richard Graham 'Dick' Argonaut 2C
Contacted attending PASSENGER Steve John Viking 2D
Contacted PENNINGTON Nigel T. Crusader 2A
Contacted attending PERKINS Trevor John Argonaut 3D
Contacted attending PERRY Michael E. Crusader 2B
Contacted attending PIERCE Owen R. Kelt 2C
Contacted attending PUGH Richard C. Kelt 2D
Contacted, Not attending PULLEN Derek C. Viking 2A
Written to RAYNER Michael P. Viking 2B
Contacted attending REDFORD Gordon S.L. Roman 2C
Contacted attending REID Jeffery J. Trojan 2A
Contacted, Not attending REID John D. Kelt 2D
Contacted via brother in Hawaii REILLY Richard Harold W.'Fred' Parthian 2B
Contacted, Not attending RICE Martin E. Kelt 2C
ROBERTS Dave Alfred Crusader 2D
Contacted, Not attending ROFFEY Stephen Roman 2A
Contacted (PHONE) ROWLANDS Ashley W. Viking 5B
Contacted ROWLES Nigel T.D.'Sudsy' (L.Y.?) Roman 2B
Contacted - maybe SEMMONS Ian Michael Roman 2C
Contacted SHAW John Michael Trojan 2D
Contacted SHILLITO David Huntley Viking 5B
contacted via sister SINGFIELD Keith A. Roman 2A
Contacted, Not attending SKINNER Peter J. Kelt 2B
Attending SMITH Peter Viking 2A
Contacted SMITH Hugh Parthian 2C
Contacted  SOUL Alan Howard Parthian 2B
Deceased 1968 SPARKES David William Argonaut 2C
Contacted SPARROW R. Andy Argonaut 2A
Via Friends Reunited STEVENS Paul E. Spartan 2B
Contacted attending STOVELL Peter D. Crusader 2C
Contacted, Not attending STRATFORD J.A. Roman 2A
Contacted attending SURRAGE Richard S. Crusader 2B
Contacted attending SWAIN David A. Roman 2C
TAYLOR Ian Hamilton Kelt 2A
Contacted through sister TAYLOR Peter V. Kelt 2B
Contacted attending THOMPSON Neil H. Trojan 2C
Deceased 1984 WALLEN Robert H. Spartan 2A
Contacted attending WALTERS Chris John Argonaut 2B
Contacted, Not attending WATKINS Roger G. Parthian 2C
Contacted, Not attending WATSON Steve Lawrence Trojan 2A
Contacted WAYTE Peter B. Argonaut 2B
Contacted WEBB Steve Robert Trojan 2C
Contacted e-mail WELLS Norman D. Spartan 2A
Via F. R.& E-Mailed WELLER G.A. Viking 3D
WEST David Kelt 2B
Contacted attending WHATMORE James C. Parthian 2C
Contacted attending WHEWELL Ian J. Viking 2A
Contacted attending WHICHER Bernie J. Parthian 2B
Contacted attending WILKINSON Andy M. Trojan 2C
Deceased cancer 2008 WILLIS Philip Parthian 2B
Deceased rock accident WILLMOTT A.C. 'Tony' Argonaut 2A
Contacted no response WOOD Andy G. Spartan 2C
Contacted attending YELLUP John Crusader 5X
Attending BYWATERS Richard 1959
Attending GRIFFIN Malcolm 1959
Attending SIMPSON Steve 1958
Attending LAWSON Les 1959
In Japan GARDNER Paul
Friends Reunited GROVES John
HARRIS??? Tony

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