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Rutlish 1962 - the 50 Year Reunion
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1962 Joining Year

101 people had been identified (by 16 October 2012) as having spent some time with the 1962 joining year. Most of them entered in 1962, but some arrived a few years later. Some left after only a short time at the school. The names can downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

If you can help complete this list (or with contacting any of the people listed) please gte in touch with Ray Richmond. At 16 October 2012, we were still struggling to get a lead to the whereabouts of the following:

  • Philip J Bolton
  • David John Coxall
  • Martin Hugh Dashper
  • Michael Raymond Drury
  • Andrew Michael Foreman
  • Peter Kenneth Giles
  • Paul Stephen Mitchell
  • Richard F S Portsmouth
  • Christopher J. Read
  • Barry Watkin
  • Jeffrey (Jeff) Martin Webb
  • David White
  • Ian Peter Williams

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